How do returns and refunds work at Payter?

What should I do if my foods haven’t arrived or arrived damaged?

The delivery and quality of the goods and services you buy is always the responsibility of the retailers and the service providers you buy from. That means you need to get in touch with the retailer if a delivery is taking longer than expected or it arrives with something missing or damaged. It also means that once an order is approved, only the retailer can change that order. You can normally find a store’s contact details on its website. If you are unable to get in touch with the retailer then please contact us, we’ll be happy to assist.

What happens to my payments when I refund an order?

Full Refunds

If you have returned an order completely, and the amount of the total order is paid pack, any future payments will be stopped and any payments made already will be refunded back to the card you made the payment from.

Partial Refunds

This is where it gets complicated slightly, take a look at the following example:

Payment timetable when the order was placed

Value of total order was Rs9000 and lets say a refund of Rs7000 is processed.

When the refund was processed, the first payment of Rs3000 had already been paid, but the second and the third payments were not paid for as they were not due yet.

In that case, remaining 2 payments will be cancelled and the amount paid for will be adjusted by the difference (Rs1000) will be paid back to the card it was paid from and Rs2000 will be adjusted from the first payment.
i.e. 9000 – 7000 = 2000 adjusted payment
3000 – 2000 = 1000 the difference refunded back to the card